Monday, March 12, 2012

Some folks have asked about the wagon and horses in the background of one of our pictures of the Deville in it's parking area while we work on it.
Has nothing to do with the Deville but is a big part of our lives.
The '59 Deville  and the horses

We live in a rural area in the mountains and have had horses as part of our family since the 70's.  We even operated a rent string for a couple of years that catered to the summer camps in the mountain town where we live.  At one time, we had ten horses of our own but time and aging has thinned the herd to seven.  We have a combination of Belgian Draft horses, Haflinger Draft ponies and a Quarter Horse.

We just lost Fire...a big Polish Arab...that we had for 20+ years.  He was a gentle as a lamb but had the heart of a lion.

We rode a lot of trails together and he gave a lot of kids their first rides.

The Belgian Drafts are truly gentle giants.  We had four but lost Katie this year at 21 years old.  We have wagons and farm implements and Katie and JC were "broke the best" as our Amish friends used to say.

Here's a couple of shots taken at Bishop Mule Days over the years where we pull the BLM Fire Wagon.  They loved the crowds and would prance down the street proudly the entire route.

Katie is the near horse without the blaze.  She was the leader of our herd.

Our Halflinger's are very similar in color and disposition to the drafts but about half the size.  Very easy keepers and really like to be around people.  Belgians on the right and Luke, our first Halflinger on the left.
When it's brushing time, everyone wants in on the act.  You can get an idea of just how big these horses are as my wife is standing on a tack box and the girls have their heads bent over to be brushed.

So for those who have asked, we continue to enjoy our Equine and Canine family as we work on the newest addition...our 59 Deville. 

More about the progress I've made and some things I've learned.

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