Saturday, March 3, 2012

The progress is slow as I wait for the window of weather and a helper to tackle the front of the trailer.  Will Remove the tin...rebuild the frame work...install some wiring while I'm in there and put the birch paneling in to replace the rotted stuff.  I also have to replace one of the side birch panels right by the door.

We've made a new electrical diagram and will be running both 12V and 120 wires as I go and we open up areas.  Plan on putting a porch light of some sort and that will need some wiring.

As we work our way to the back, I plan on replacing all the cross roof braces with wider ones after each panel goes up.  Everything will get insulated with newer and better insulation then a vapor barrier and the tin goes back on.  I've been working on the doors and drawers and they are almost done. 

Here is a link to a video taken by Larry Walsh, from Canned Ham trailers.  It's a walk through he did before I had done anything but a few drawers.  Larry's series on  Restoring the Deville and Restoring The Shasta should be required viewing for anyone thinking of giving this a try.  Especially if you have the kind of skills I do!  It's been extremely valuable to be able to view one of the 30+ Deville videos and see exactly what I have in store next.

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