Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have really been fortunate in having a pretty good support system as our Deville gets put back into original working order.  Because of the water damage, I am rebuilding and refinishing pretty much the entire inside.  I have relied on sites such as Larry Walsh's incredible series on rebuilding the Deville and Rebuilding the Shasta

I watch the appropriate video the night before to make sure I know what I should be looking for or what not to do!  Larry is a natural teacher and
it's like talking with an old friend as I watch him work magic on those old trailers.  Lots of others have shared what works and doesn't in their blogs.

Some one had asked about how to do French Polish using Shellac.  I figured I'd contribute back in the spirit of those who have shared so much to me.  French Polish is an old technique that is used for fine furniture and musical instrument.  The technique is not difficult to master....kinda like spit shining boots for those in the service.  The thing I like about it is that  it goes quickly.  You can put fifty coats on in a day and have rich, mirror like finish that just reeks of old.

Here is part 1 of how to apply French Polish.  I apologize for the photography...I shot it with my IPHONE and didn't have a tripod.  Part  2 is right below the first video....I guess where it should be.   

I like to watch these in full screen.

French Polishing With Shellac from jim Wilkins on Vimeo.

Part 2 of how to do French Polish with Shellac for restoring vintage trailers.

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